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Name: FollettTool

Client: follett

Private Key: -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY----- MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAqjOPQ+CY/PlNdJENkCj0 pOuEV7Yijyxx5GSeD3YK9TMWziOSX3R9ZN1Z/j0tWBn5LanfTI/0jlnSWPGxuCnG BcLq9MzreSMdw5s3BlCLZTChAGHgsML7J4mo6ZNdbNUADjKu62CNweUA5z9bvKJP /7rpxOkatAEeuzpQLsdT/xrybVCQMHXaB8fDOGVxuTZzUFT1FBA3c+arvAO7q0PV E4ozx4MLcULmbUDa6X+KVGHylVGYP9HhCoyQkLGFhanCaGP7ZQ7xu1rdhB3lIibG sM9z0Isc0NXxKRGLqoBF5YgTs/NsU45OXeOaCCxqbsYYp/fxSX4kn+toRAX2OVT9 GwIDAQAB -----END PUBLIC KEY-----

Deployment ID: FollettDId1

Keyset URL:

OAuth2 URL:

Platform OIDC Auth URL

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