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Name: sampleTool

Client: 12345

Private Key: MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAvGhEd7/diBmYHDNeXw/m oPHdJxGQn0wmf6neOUv1/uFuXdZ6bx0t42xaz9Y2Aj6ZgE73r1TgBwJV4VUtlu7Y fvqJvzoGgFme9WhAesJcfTPEbtSqhAMGc8XKoXUpvZNPHepkAoNjfz7PaNuWN8+2 wsq2nC2Xac940SzhZpmwYIgd6zGAB/qkD9QzysdQH9veR9d0YNg5VeIxnQQnvfQL 6U3UwZNgZZd9J/4RUIUi992RRFTItAxglZVBqlSNgFfm7B3qHPPRfolBd5itSoej QBdr0Voz2wDxxj3O5FLYcNrMrxc8Le8Su+pYYUJnrjR2sz3QjKFCMjbFo9ol0ziT dQIDAQAB

Deployment ID: 1

Keyset URL:

OAuth2 URL:

Platform OIDC Auth URL

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