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Client Id: c1196a1d4cbf568b

Tool Deep Link Endpoint: https://localhost:5001/openid/tool?platformId=14

OAuth2 Access Token URL:


Platform's public key:

Platform's private key:

Tool's public key: -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY----- MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAp9HYrEasPg5IU6wVTzWH 8rsjiPijRaT4lQz1KW42cyoAHiD8nJhwfx+i5RuhyukUNXOrFNK/O7wG5l/9eDPw /WW1DF8vp6r32XVhJLRFmePpA1kxIcHdmN5GINv4MB2zh4mwbUAxWUOPqw0DjuDB P/jZukqc+DYkyFgyfdC3e5K2QF5XhhZYjiMPuC6elGeNU0Kj7k1rYyHhbgJH7ZHX 3cAKI8fq9YhGrXZwCO9wrq/EW8aVgQl9p7xgnnhdDkqoBhaCO8eUbyctHCi08lxo 71OJNSoa0z5eolHTKGdwM5/fy8O6wK3c57AP/SgH3UAfbPBFvmt1HtOukFgb2eeq CQIDAQAB -----END PUBLIC KEY-----

Tool's JWT Key Set URL: