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Release Notes

December 06, 2018

Special thanks to Tom & Andy

  • FIXED Membership response now returns context level role - Learner vs Student.

  • FIXED Several ease-of-use or smaller issues specific to reference implementation. (both UI help text + functional changes)

  • FIXED lti11_legacy_user_id claim correctly used everywhere.

  • NEW Pre-fetched access token from RI Tool now includes scores scope.

November 27, 2018
  • NEW Per NRPS spec, added lis_person_sourcedid into membership response.

  • NEW New addition to AGS spec, added start_date_time and end_date_time to Line Items.

  • NEW Update to NRPS spec, changed service_version to service_versions

  • NEW Update to NRPS spec, changed service_version value from string to array. ie: '2.0' to ['2.0']

  • NEW Update to NRPS spec, context information is now a top level key in map (vs being inside every member section)

  • NEW Update to 1.3 core spec, addition of new target_link_uri claim to account for the fact the URL is not signed in 1.3 unlike previous versions.

  • NEW Update to 1.3 core spec, addition of new lti11_legacy_user_id claim to account 1.1 for user_id's in some cases not matching the 'sub' value. Should be rare but this covers the edge case.

November 06, 2018

November 05, 2018
  • FIXED ScoreGiven now accepts a decimal per the spec when submitting and recording scores.

    FIXED Mentor claim now represents updated core spec. RI presents a random unknown user (to tool) as mentor.

    NEW For Assignment and Grades, changed from ltiLinkId to resourceLinkId per spec change.

October 30, 2018
  • NEW Added ability to view existing course roster, re-launch as existing user and add user to the course roster.

    NEW Added OIDC flow to LTI launches.

    • On Manage Tools page, you can see OIDC Login Initiation URL that RI Tool exposes.
      • For RI, add Tool OIDC Login Initiation URL to Platform's Resource Link configuration.
    • On Manage Platforms page, you can view the Platform exposed OIDC Auth URL (shared with Tool)
      • Can add this URL to a RI Tool by editing the Tool.
    • Prior to launching user, you can choose to initiate OIDC flow or pre-OIDC flow.
    • Pre-OIDC flow LTI 1.3 launch capability will be removed once OIDC flow makes into the IMS Security Framework.
    • Various smaller tweaks and improvements.

October 15, 2018
  • NEW Expanded text options for custom claim content while editing resource link. Old values automatically migrated to new format.

September 11, 2018
  • NEW Improved Access Token generation + error handling/messaging. Access Tokens are now JWT's which offers a few benefits like natural expiriry and ability to store context in token.

September 04, 2018
  • NEW Public/Private keys are now configured on the Platform, instead of at the deployment level which is more reflective of production environments.

August 31, 2018
  • FIXED Values in custom claim should always be strings.

August 30, 2018
  • NEW In Deep Linking flow, a Tool that passes a LineItem back in message will have that LineItem created for use during a Platform's launch back to Tool.

  • NEW Resource Links via DL that are not LTI Links are no longer clickable (reference implementation has no interest in following those links through - as they aren't LTI links)

  • NEW LineItem PUT + DELETE now supported

  • NEW If a LineItem is associated with a resource link, ltiLinkId will be returned via service response.

  • NEW A tool may now directly associate a LineItem created via service, to a resource link by using the ltiLinkId in service request.

  • NEW LineItems do not need to be associated to resource links (they can be context level LineItems).

  • FIXED In Deep Linking UI flow, tool will now pass JWT as jwt param instead of incorrect behavior of passing as id_token.

  • NEW Tool launch no longer requires a platform to provide an access token (OAuth2) endpoint. It will recieve the launch, but AGS / NRPS will be disabled - message added UI for this also.

August 06, 2018
  • NEW In Deep Linking flow tool will now pass data attribute back to platform + updated JWT security values for this message back to platform.

August 03, 2018
  • NEW In Deep Linking flow - a deep_link_return_url is now expected in request (inside DL claim), and this is the URL the tool will send the message back to. A return url is not sent.

July 27, 2018
  • NEW Release Names and Roles Provisioning Service functionality. If names and roles claim is passed during launch and user is logged in, tool will make request and return results inside UI.

July 23, 2018
  • FIXED Minor update to custom substitution functionality onscreen guide.

July 19, 2018
  • NEW Add a simple way to populate what would be custom substitution parameters. To use - edit a resource link and follow directions.

July 17, 2018
  • NEW Added Deep Link implementation - can perform Deep Link launches by adding a Deep Link endpoint to the Platform configuration. After that you can launch a Deep Link Request from the list of courses. May be a bit more expansive and configurable at the Resource Link level as we get feedback. The reference implementation tool presents a Deep Link url below the LTI endpoint when viewing the list of tools.

August 13, 2018
  • NEW Accept and handle custom attributes inside Deep Linking flow.

  • FIXED Updated RI login links for consistency across the site.

June 28, 2018
  • NEW Added ability to send Resource Link Launch w/o PII

  • NEW Added license for RI source code

June 25, 2018
  • FIXED Deployment id will now populate in LTI request

  • FIXED Update custom claim purl url based on config

June 18, 2018
  • FIXED Updated LTI version claim value to 1.3.0 vs LTI-1p3

  • FIXED Context ID + Resource Link ID in claims - now strings vs integer.

June 08, 2018
  • NEW Added footer w appropiate links.

June 07, 2018
  • NEW Added access token URL to Platform card.

  • NEW Added well-known jwk URL to Platform keys card.

June 06, 2018
  • NEW Added authentication / authorization to RI to unlock LTI Advantage service functionality.

June 04, 2018
  • NEW Added message about membership / availability of features to top of page.

May 29, 2018
  • NEW Added changelog page

  • FIXED Updated claims and scopes urls to match updated versions from specs.

LILI 2018
  • NEW Initial Release with Tool, Platform and Keygen.