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Launch Status


Launch was successfuly received by Reference Tool.

0 Errors below.

0 Warnings below.

JWT Decode + Authorization

JWT was decoded correctly with the kid (Key ID) and public key provided by the Platform.

Missing Required Attributes
Following attributes are required but were not sent:

  • No Missing Attributes

Following issues should be fixed:

  • No Issues to Fix.

Assignment and Grade Service
Names and Role Provisioning Service
Proctoring Services

Missing OAuth2 URL on Tool (required for acccess token) or this launch did not include Proctoring Services claims.

Pre-fetched OAuth2 Access Token:
  "error": "Attempts to verify Signing of JWT using Standard Public Key from the PLATFORM FAILED to pass signing verification. Exception: The Token's Signature resulted invalid when verified using the Algorithm: SHA256withRSA"
OIDC State
JWT Header
  "kid": "imstester_4",
  "alg": "RS256"
Security Details
  "iss": "",
  "sub": "40899",
  "aud": "imstester_bd84e20",
  "exp": 1623897852,
  "iat": 1623897552,
  "nonce": "e6b3ddddac81a411eba6"
Data not in Claims
  "name": "Carrie test Lowell",
  "given_name": "Carrie",
  "family_name": "Lowell",
  "middle_name": "test",
  "email": "",
  "locale": "en-US"
  "": "",
  "": "testdeploy",
  "": {
    "id": "8893483",
    "label": "Biology 102",
    "title": "Bio Adventures",
    "type": [
  "": {
    "id": "c775229835f6450c93ffd6e07a381270",
    "title": "Introduction Assignment",
    "description": "This is the introduction assignment"
  "": {
    "context_memberships_url": "",
    "service_versions": [
  "": {
    "scope": [
    "lineitems": ""